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    This Gold Digger is therefore very reliable when it comes to locating treasures – both above ground as well as underground and underwater. Likewise, in the depth test and underwater test this detector failed to locate only one item per test. In our general detection test, the Gold Digger missed only one item.

    The Ground EFX – MC1 Youth had the worst showing, but still managed to locate nine out of the 12 objects. In total, we used one yellow-gold ring, two white-gold rings, a silver bracelet relic, a silver belt buckle relic, a silver pocket watch relic, three one dollar coins and three quarters. So, we used a wide variety of coins, relics and gold.

    To get started right away all you need is your detector, a shovel, storage bags and some gloves. When hunting on private property, it is also especially important to be considerate and report any treasures, remove any trash you find, and fill in any holes you dig. If you are considering hunting on private property that is one of the best ways to find a great haul.

    This is our first metal detector and the Ace does every thing it says it will. It is a pleasure doing business with you and I will gladly recommend you to anyone that wants to buy a metal detector.

    You should always carry extra food and water as well as personal protection items like flashlights and a pocket knife. The fact that you are out possibly finding valuable treasure is only a bonus. The biggest thing to realize when you are detecting is that you are going to find a lot of stuff. If your detector picks up on something, you want to make sure you have the right tools to get into the gr,ound and find it.

    Discrimination test

    Like most things in life buying a top-rated metal detector should be based on the amount you have available to spend. Although I mentioned the ATX as the very best all-round metal detector, I thought it important not to leave out the AT Pro within this metal detector review.

    To do this one has to know a lot and be rather experienced treasure hunter. Manual ground balance is different because the user itself decides is any adjustment is required. Though, the drawback is that fine adjustment is impossible to do to improve the device performance.

    Metaldetectorshub. Its ability to work effectively on coins, relics, and also gold nuggets makes it an excellent choice for anyone. In fact, it is currently one of the best mid-range metal detectors on the market today. The Garrett AT Pro packs a punch, with its all-terrain, all-metal and waterproof features.

    Both lower frequency VLF and PI detectors will find larger nuggets at greater depths – but will struggle to find smaller nuggets at shallow depths. As mentioned above, VLF machines typically range from 3 kHz to 70 kHz with the most popular gold VLF machines in the 13-50 kHz range. The next thing to decide is the operating frequency of the VLF. You’re hunting in areas with lots of trash and need to discriminate.

    If you turn your sensitivity higher, the detector will search at lower depths. The two words you will encounter most as you are looking at metal detectors are sensitivity and discrimination, as I mentioned earlier. You could also choose metal detectors with knobs where you manually set the discrimination and sensitivity.

    It features 3 different modes, the motion all-metal, discrimination and the 2-tone mode. If you are out to look for the best metal detector, that o,ne is actually what best suits your needs. Metal detecting is now a hobby enjoyed by people who love finding things. Control Box : the “brains” of the metal detector, where the controls, circuitry, speaker, microprocessor and batteries are found.

    The better radars can read the density and size of the buried object accurately, so if this is what you are concerned with, be sure to get a detector with a high-quality radar. Whereas all detectors give you a rough idea where the object is to be found, the pinpoint mode helps you determine its exact location. It is used to help hone in on the object you are detecting. This allows you not only to search for the types of metals you are after, but also allows you to ignore other types of trash metals you are not interested in.


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    Many companies make excellent metal detectors and I’ve run through my top picks in other articles. Any kid that can find their way around an iPad will have this detector tamed within minutes.

    However, such signal type captures small area of ground and the coil sweep for each step has to overlap at least the half of the previous sweep. As for the professional metal detectors, they are completely damp proof and usually they are designed to perform searching both on land and in water. Most of metal detectors have a damp proof coil that can be used for searching soundings.

    This metal detector is compact with a large 10′ waterproof coil which makes it perfect for treasure hunting in all types of terrain. This is an awesome metal detector that makes treasure hunting fun and easy. These include both manual and automatic ground balance (with continuous ground readouts), “All Metal” and discrimination hunting modes, target ID, and a Fe3O4 graphic indicating the level of mineralization.

    What is a metal detector used for?

    The High trash density m,ode, is the most common mode, used in areas mainly with coins and relic content, and low trash density mode is used in clean areas like the beaches. Safari offers a trash density feature, allowing the user to optimize detecting in location with various concentrations of trash in soil. It has a fast recovery pinpoint and is lightweight, saving user’s time and reducing fatigue. Furthermore, the X-terra, 505 gives the user freedom to control the threshold adjustment, depending on the depth and size of the targets being detected. There are 5 tone ID’s and a good range of discrimination pattern (customized patterns), thereby, making it a fine discriminator for high conductive targets.

    Minelab offers the GPX series of metal detectors, with the last one being GPX5000. The iron audio feature works in trashy areas, for you to hear iron signals and potential gold. It features 3 main pre-programmed modes, the all-metal, Disc 1 and Disc 2.

    This device is lightweight and collapsible which makes it easy to transport. You also receive three free accessories when purchasing the Ace 300 such as a search coil cover, and headphones.

    When you’re not using discrimination, a metal detector will read all pieces of metal in the same way. Having headphones with your metal detector is an excellent way to b,lock out all the external noise from your surroundings to help you better focus on the search at hand.

    The shaft extends up to 2.25 inches. It has one-tone audio indicator which gets louder as one nears the target. As the name suggests, this device is made with the kids in mind. Its ergonomic design is also made for comfort and easy handling. The great thing is, metal detectors have gotten pretty light over the years. The one thing that we want to point out right away is that just because the coil is bigger, does not necessarily mean that it is better.